How to Grant a Team Member Access to Multiple Workspaces

 As the Team admin, you can grant a member of your team access to multiple workspaces in TrackMage.

For instance, let's say you have a team consisting of member A, B, and C. And you also have three workspaces, namely WS1, WS2, and WS3. If you wish, you can grant member A access to WS1 and WS3. Team member B; access to WS2 and WS3, and so on. 

In practical life, this may translate to granting the logistics manager, who is the workspace admin of the logistics department (workspace), access to the warehouse workspace. His/her job role in the warehouse workspace will be a function of the permission assigned to him or her by the team admin.

Here are the steps to granting a team member access to multiple workspaces.

Note: You will have to at least two workspaces to follow this tutorial. 

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Step 1

In your dashboard, click the avatar icon at the top right corner, and then the cogwheel to the team you want to make edits to.

Step 2

Click the Users tab. Next, click the three-dot icon to the team member you want to give access to multiple workspaces. Then click Workspace Permissions.

Step 3

In the Workspace Permission popup box, click Add New 

Step 4

Select the new workspace and user permission you'd like to assign to the team member.

Save changes, and you are done. 

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