How to Change User Permission

You can always change the permission assigned to a particular user. For example, you can change the role of a user from "read" to "write" and even to "admin" (team or workspace). 

To do so, navigate to the team page and click the Users tab. Locate the user you wish to make permission changes to. Click the three-dot icon, and then Workspace permission

In the popup box, change the permission of the user. Once you make the change, the system will automatically save your preference, so no need to click any save button.

You may also want to grant a Team admin permission to one of your team members. If you do, such a member will have access to all your workspaces, can make edits to a team, and will be able to manage billings.

To do so, once again navigate to Team >> Users.

Click the three-dot icon to the user you wish to grant team admin rights to. Then click Grand Team Admin Access

To revoke the access, repeat the steps above, but this time click Revoke Team Admin Access


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