How to Add and Embed an Email Validation Script Widget

The Email Validation Script widget helps you validate the email addresses your customers enter when on your website. This way, you will receive valid email addresses that you can use for various purposes, such as shipment status notifications, email marketing, and newsletters.

For example, as a store owner, you want to be sure your customers enter the correct email address during the checkout process, so they receive all shipment status notifications from TrackMage.

Create an Email Validation Widget

1. From your TrackMage OrdersPage, navigate to Widgets (1), then click on the +Add Widget buuton (2).

2. Select Email Valisation Script when the Widgets page's open.

3. Enter a value for the following fields:

    1. Title Give your email validation widget a descriptive name.

    2. Domain – Your website’s domain

    3. Validation MessageThis text will be shown when an incorrect email address is entered.

    4. Suggestion TemplateThis text will be shown with a suggested domain name if the domain name entered does not exist or is misspelled.

    Email input selectorCSS selector for the input you want to validate. The default type is email.

    Next, click the +Create Email Validation Script button (5).

    Copy the Code for the Widget

    4. To embed the email validation widget, you need to have the embed code of the widget handy. Click on the widget's name to open it.

    5. After your newly created wiget is open, click on the Embedded code tab (1), then click on the Copy Code button (2).

    Embed the Widget on your WordPress Website

    1. Login to your WordPress admin account.
    2. From the dashboard, navigate to Pages > Add New.
    3. Click Add a new block button and select Custom HTML. Add an input tag type: email.
    4. Click Add a new block button, select Custom HTML, and paste the widget's code from the notepad.

    5. Click Save or Update to save the changes.
    6. Click Preview to see the email validation widget in action.

    Enable or Disable the Widget

    By default, a widget is enabled when you create it. You can disable the widget and stop it from validating emails on your website.

    • To disable a widget, toggle the button, and the button turns Grey.
    • To enable a widget, toggle the button, and the button turns Green.

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