TrackMage Knowledge Base

Getting Started

Everything you need to setup your TrackMage account.

Tracking Pages - Basic Configuration

Learn the basics of tracking pages. Create a tracking page for your store and embed it on your website.

Teams and Workspaces

Create and manage your workspaces and teams. Assign user permissions to team members.

Tracking Pages - Visual Builder

Personalize your tracking page for a consistent brand design with the Visual Builder.

Your Parcels (Tracking Numbers)

Everything you need to know about parcels and order tracking.

Email Notifications

Everything you need to know about notifications - keeping your customers engaged till they get their orders.


Manage your account, billing information, subscription plan and users.


Connect Trackmage with your ecommerce store and other apps or services.


Includes answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

General Questions

We got you covered! Get answers to general questions about TrackMage