Add Tracking Page to a Woocommerce store

With an order tracking page on your Woocommerce store, your customers can track their orders directly on your website. 

What You’ll Need

  • A TrackMage account with admin access

  • A Woocommerce account with admin access

Step 1 - Connect your Store 

To connect your Woocommerce store to TrackMage, 

  • Log in to your Trackmage account and navigate to your dashboard.

  • Select Connect Your Store or a Funnel from the Quick Start menu.

  • You will be redirected to the Integrations page, containing a list of the available integrations with Trackmage. Select Woocommerce > Add Integration and click the Download Plugin button. 

  • You will be redirected to the Trackmage Woocommerce plugin page. Click Download to get the plugin on your device. 

Install the Plugin

  • Head over to your WordPress dashboard, click Plugins, and select Add New.

  • At the page's top-left corner, press the Upload Plugin button to upload the plugin you downloaded in Step 1 and click Install Now.

Alternatively, you can install the plugin directly from your WordPress dashboard. 

Activate the plugin

  • Start the installation wizard to activate the plugin and follow the onscreen prompts to complete the process. For more help, check out this article on integrating your Woocommerce store with TrackMage.

Step 2 - Customize your tracking page

  • Navigate to your Trackmage dashboard by clicking the TrackMage logo at the top left corner of the page. 

  • From the Quickstart menu, select Customize Your Tracking Page.

  • Select the desired tracking page and click Visual Builder to personalize your tracking page.

Here is an article on how to customize your tracking page.

# plug the article link on how to use the visual builder

Step 3 - Add your tracking page to your website

  • Head to the main dashboard by clicking the Trackmage logo at the top left corner.

  • On the Quickstart menu, select Add Your Tracking Page to Your Website, and you will be redirected to the page in the image below, where you can copy the order lookup link.

  • Click Copy to get the order lookup link you need to add to your Woocommerce store. 

There are two ways to add a tracking page to your Woocommerce store: by adding a button to an existing page or creating a new page for order lookup. 

Method 1 - Add an Order Tracking Page to the Footer

  • On your WordPress dashboard, navigate to your store’s homepage and click Customize at the page's top-left corner.

  • From the sidebar menu, select Widgets > Add a Block > Button. Change the text to “Track My Order” and paste the order look-up link as the URL. You can choose to open the link in a new tab or not. 

  • Finally, click Publish and preview the changes.

Method 2 - Create a new page

  • Under the Tracking Widgets tab, go to Full Tracking Page Embeddable code and copy the iframe code.

  • From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Pages > Add New.

  • Click Add a New Block button and select Custom HTML. Copy the Full Tracking Page Code from TrackMage by clicking The Copy Code Button and pasting it into the code block.

  • Click Save or Update to save the changes. 


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