TrackMage Analytics

TrackMage Analytics gives you a high-level visual overview of your order shipments over a defined period of time. With your shipment data analyzed and displayed in an interactive dashboard, you can track key metrics and get real-time insights into your shipment performance.

Currently, we have the following metrics:

  1. Carrier Performance

  2. Average Transit Time

Log in to your TrackMage account and click Analytics on the dashboard. Then select either Carrier Performance or Average Transit Time to continue with the guide. 

  1. Carrier Performance

With carrier performance analytics, you can view and generate reports for the number of parcels shipped over a date range with different carriers and their status (delivered, canceled, etc.).


Carrier Performance Chart

The carrier performance chart is a collection of bars, where each bar represents a carrier and the status of parcels shipped through that carrier.

Status Chart

The Status chart gives a granular view (in percentage) of the order statuses for one or more carrier bars.

Customize Carrier Performance Dashboard

You can customize the carrier performance dashboard to get specific results/data. 

Date Selector

  • By default, the date range selection will show you shipment data for the last 30 days. You can change the dates by clicking the date picker and selecting your preferred range.

  • This allows you to see shipment data for any date of your choice. 

Get Carrier Data

This dashboard shows you the carriers’ performance for order delivery over a specified period of time.

  • On the carrier performance chart, click a desired carrier’s bar to see shipment data for that carrier alone. The selected carrier bar will be highlighted, while other bars will be greyed out.

  • On the status chart on the right side of the screen, you will see the shipment status for the parcels shipped through that carrier and their percentages.

  • For example, the chart could show that FedEx shipped a total of 6 parcels in the last 30 days and delivered 16.67% of shipped parcels. 


To view data for more than one carrier, click on the desired carriers’ bar and the charts will be generated.

  1. Average Transit Time

Average Transit Time analytics helps you rate your delivery performance with various carriers. A lower average number of shipping days will help improve your customers’ shopping experience. 

Average Transit Time Chart

The average transit time chart shows you how long (in days) it takes for different carriers to deliver orders to selected location(s). The red line across the bars shows the average transit time in days.

Customize the Average Transit Time Dashboard

Date Selector

  • By default, the date range selection will show you the average transit time data for the last 30 days. You can change the dates by clicking the date box and selecting your preferred range.

Location Selector 

This option allows you to see the origin and destination countries for all your parcels. 

  • Click the Select From/To box and choose the origin countries under the Sent From and destination country under the Sent To tabs. 

  • A report will be generated showing the transit days for each carrier that was used for the selected route.

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