How to use TrackMage app for Slack

This article will show you how to use TrackMage for tracking shipments, getting real-time updates on parcel movements, accessing detailed shipment reports, and creating shipments in the chat.

  If you haven't installed the TrackMage app for Slack yet, you can follow the step-by-step instructions in the article How to Install TrackMage App to Your Slack Workspace to do that.

Track your shipment and subscribe for the updates on it to follow all the changes on the way. 

You can track any shipments, that you have on your connected TrackMage account, by simply messaging /trackmage <tracking number> or  /trackmage track <tracking number> into the chat.

Use /trackmage create to create a new shipment and subscribe for updates.

Type in /trackmage create, then add the tracking number for the shipment you want to create and send this message to the bot. Select the workspace and click Submit in the modal window, that appears. Don't forget to click the Subscribe button when the shipment is created 😉.

Connect your TrackMage workspace and customize the update notifications to your preferences.

To get started, type /trackmage connect in the channel where you'd like to receive updates. Select your workspace from the dropdown and click the Connect button. Once your workspace is connected, click on the Settings button to personalize your preferences. Make all the necessary adjustments according to your liking and click the Save button. From now on, you'll receive notifications about your shipments' progress based on your customized settings 👌. 

With /trackmage manage, you can handle your TrackMage connected workspaces and subscriptions.

Send the command /trackmage manage to view the list of connected workspaces with your TrackMage app Bot. Then, click the three dots next to the desired workspace to access its menu. Choose Settings to modify notification preferences for this workspace, or select Disconnect to unlink the workspace 📋.

If you'd like to provide feedback, ask a question, or share your thoughts to help us improve our service, simply type /trackmage feedback in the chat and fill in the form. We appreciate your input!

If you ever need a tip on the available commands, just type /trackmage help in the chat. It will gladly show you a list of commands right there.

 Please note that if you're not logged in to your TrackMage account while using the TrackMage app for Slack, only a few commands will be available. To unlock all the features, simply click on the Log in button and sign in to your TrackMage account.

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