How to fulfill an order on the TrackMage

Order fulfillment is a really important process to make sure that customer orders are completed well and delivered to them on time. It's a big part of making customers happy and keeping them coming back for more. 🌟 By handling orders accurately, quickly, and efficiently, businesses can keep their customers satisfied and encourage them to tell others about their positive experiences. In fact, efficient order fulfillment is seen as the key to a great customer experience and is crucial for building loyalty. 

In this article, we'll explore how to fulfill orders on TrackMage, including creating shipments and adding items to them.

On TrackMage, you have two options for fulfilling an order: you can either create a new shipment for the items in the order, or add the items to an existing shipment.

Let's start by exploring how to create a shipment from the orders page.

  1. First, let's go to Ecommerce (1), then Orders (2)

2. Now click on the order’s menu icon to open the specific order, that you want to fulfil.

3. You are now on the order page, Primary Fields tab. Here, you'll find all the necessary order information, including shipping and billing addresses. The order items can be found under the info block and will be displayed on every tab of the order or shipment page.


4. To fulfill an order from here, click on the +Create New button. Once the creating shipment modal window opens, select which order items you want to add to the shipment, set the quantity of the items, and click the Create Shipment button. The pop-up message “Shipment was successfully created” appears, and you can click Refresh on the info message. You can see your shipment added to the order.

5. The other option to create a shipment is to click on the dropdown pointer at the “select all” checkbox in the order items table.

It is worth to mention, that when you start processing your order, the fulfillment status will initially change to Partially Fulfilled. Once all the items in your order have been added to the shipments, the status will then change to Fulfilled.

6. Next, choose the option Create New Shipment from the drop-down menu. Just follow the instructions in step #2 and you're all set!

7. One more way to fulfill an order is to select the Create shipment option from the drop-down menu next to the order on the Orders page.

Just a friendly reminder, if you don't have any items in your order, this is the only way for you to create a shipment from the Orders page. Once you choose this option, the shipment linked to your order will be created right away.

Now, let's go ahead and use the “Add to existing” option to complete an order. 

You have the option to add items from a specific order to a shipment that has already been created. However, there are certain conditions that need to be met in order to do this. These conditions include: the shipment should not have a tracking number assigned yet, and the shipment should have either the same shipping address as your order or a blank shipping address. You can also add the items to the existing shipment or take them out if the shipment has been assigned a tracking number, but its code is either “no_info” or “pre_transit”.

Before you can use this option, you'll need to create a shipment. Please refer to this article if you need help with that.

8. Click on the menu icon of the newly created shipment and check the Shipment ID in the General info tab on the Shipment page. Click on the Copy button to copy it.

9. Now go back to the Order’s page and click on the Add to existing button.  In the form open, paste the Shipment ID you’ve just copied to add order items to it. You can also choose an available Shipment from the drop-down list.

Well done on fulfilling your order! 

Follow this link to check on how to add items, take them out or change items quantity in the shipments. Or follow this link to find out how to link other orders to the shipment. 

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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