How to link an order to the shipment, add items to it and unlink orders from the shipment

Link another order to the shipment.

You can link shipment to an order only if its shipping address is the same or blank. If you want to link shipment with shipping address to the order with blank shipping address, you will need to fill order’s address first.

You can link multiple orders to the shipment if all of these orders have the same shipping address, or if any of them have a blank shipping address.

1. First, let’s check if the orders, that we want to link with the shipment, have the same address. They should be precisely identical.

2. Click on the Shipment ID located on the order #1 page to open the shipment.

3. Next, open the order #2, that you want to link, and copy its number.

4. Go to the shipment page and find the Order Numbers field. Paste the order number that you have copied into this field. Once you have done that, click on the Save button. Now you will be able to see the same shipment on the Order#2 page.

Add order items to the linked shipment

5. To add order items to the linked shipment, click on the button next to the shipment's ID. A modal window will appear, allowing you to choose the specific order items you want to include and set their quantity. Once you're done, just click the Add Items button and refresh the page if necessary. And there you have it! Your order items have been successfully added to the shipment!

Unlink order from shipment

6. To unlink an order from the shipment, go to the linked shipment and find Order Numbers field. Click on the button at the order, that you want to unlink.

7. Or you can do that from the order's page. Simply go to the order's page, find the shipment you want to unlink, and click on the drop-down pointer at its items check-box. The click on the Unlink Order button and confirm this action, when the pop-up appears.

You will see a success message, and your order will be unlinked. Feel free to refresh the page if necessary, and you will notice that this shipment has been unlinked, and the order items have been removed.

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