How to Add Notes to Orders and Shipments

    Managing orders and shipments can be a complex and demanding task. Keeping track of all the details, instructions, and important information can be challenging, but fear not! We're excited to introduce a brand new feature that will simplify your life and enhance your experience with our platform. Say hello to Notes – your digital assistant for orders and shipments.

What Are Notes?

    Notes is a versatile feature that allows you to add, edit, and delete notes on your orders and shipments. It's designed to be casual, friendly, and incredibly easy to use, making it an indispensable tool for staying organized and efficient in your business operations. With Notes, you can add reminders, attach files, and mention your colleagues for smooth collaboration.

    Getting started with Notes is a breeze. Simply log in to your account and explore the Notes feature today.

    You can add notes to your orders and shipments. Let's check on adding it to the Shipment.

1.  Open the side menu and click on the Shipments. 

2. Find the shipment, to which you want to add a note and click on the three dots button at the shipment to open its details page.

3. Now go to the NOTES tab (1) and click on the +ADD NOTE button (2).

4. The notes editor is open. You can change the text style, add background colors, or change the font and its color. Add links, mention your team members, attach files, and add reminders to your notes. Use the @ symbol and start typing your teammate's name to add a mention (1)  and type in a text. It's very easy to format it, using standard options! (2). Click on the Attach button (3) to attach a file to your note.

5. Click on the  icon and select a file to attach. You can add text, images, video, archives, pdf, and more files to your note, but remember, that you can only add files with a max size of 5MB. 

6. Click on the Attach button, after your file is added.

7. Click the Save button to save changes in your Note.

8. After your note was created, the person you mentioned in the note, will get a notification in their TrackMage account and an email sent to the address linked with their account.

9. Now let's edit your note - let's add a reminder to it. To do that, click on the edit button in the left corner under the note.

10. Click on the reminder button.

11. In the modal window open, add a User (1) you want to remind of your note, select Timezone (2), Date (3), and click Save (4) when you're all set.

12. You can add as many reminders as needed (1), but don't forget to Save your changes (2)

13. When it is the time, that you've set in the reminder,  the person you want to remind of your note, will get a notification in their TrackMage account and an email sent to the address linked with their account.

Great job! You've created your first note at TrackMage! 

Whether you're adding personal notes, attaching files, setting reminders, or collaborating with mentions, Notes is your go-to solution for streamlining your workflow and staying organized.

Here you can find more info about the Orders Management. Follow this link to learn more about Shipments Management.

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