Configuring Email Alerts for Customs Processing Delays

TrackMage monitors the Customs Clearance status and sends the Shipment Customs Clearance event to Klaviyo. This event is triggered when the shipment obtains Customs Clearance status, indicating that the parcel is being processed by customs.

However, there are scenarios where additional documentation, information, or payment of duties/taxes may be required, potentially causing delays or the parcel getting stuck at customs. Therefore, it's crucial to be prepared to promptly provide any requested details to the authorities. Alternatively, you may want to inform your clients that customs processing is taking longer than usual. To achieve this, combine the Shipment Customs Clearance event and specify the number of days for the Days Since Last Checkpoint option. This can indicate that the lack of checkpoint changes within the same status could signify a delay.

Let's go through the setting:

1. Access your Klaviyo account. Navigate to Flows in the side menu and click Create Flows -> Create from Scratch in the upper right corner. Assign a name to the flow and proceed to create it. In the Flow Builder, select Your Metrics from the right menu and choose Klaviyo Prod from the list. Locate TrackMage - Shipment Customs Clearance in the list of metrics, and click on it. Confirm your trigger selection to complete.

2. Then, locate the Trigger filter box and click the Add button. Confirm (if applicable) by clicking the Add trigger filter. When the parameters section is opened, first click on the Dimensions and select the daysSinceLastCheckpoint parameter from the dropdown. Then, proceed to the Type field and set it as Number. Now, in the field next to Dimension, select is greater than from the dropdown menu. Finally, in the Value field, type the number of days you consider too long at customs and save the trigger.

Please note that the decision of what number of days make up a delay at customs is your judgment and may be based on specific carrier statistics.

3. Save the Flow to complete. Continue to create the flow by choosing the email template and configuring the template. 

It is up to you to add any other triggers, flow filters, actions, or logic as needed. This serves as an example of the easiest usage.

Please keep in mind that for TrackMage to send the event to Klaviyo, the order or shipment must have an email address assigned. This ensures that customers can receive updates through emails.

If you haven't integrated with TrackMage yet, refer to the How to Connect Klaviyo with Your TrackMage Account and Set Your First Automated Email Flow article.

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