How to Rearrange My Fields in the Table

By default, fields (columns) in TrackMage are arranged as below:

But what if you want the Origin Carrier field to come first, followed by the Tracking Status field, then Shipment status, and so on?  At TrackMage you can arrange the fields as you like with the Manage Fields feature

1. Click on the Settings button at the top of the Shipments page.

2. Now click on the Manage Fields button, when the drop-down opens.

3. Here you have few options, how to manage fields. Enter the field's name into the search field and click on the three dots on the right side of the field. Choose move to top (move to bottom) option. In this case, the selected field will be the first (or the last) displayed in the table. You also can use arrows up and down to place the field on the desired position. Or simply drag the field to move it in the table. Click the Close button on the modal window, when you're done.

Now you can see how the fields are organized on the Shipments page. All the changes have been saved, and the fields are shown in the order you selected.

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