How to Configure Custom Domain for your Tracking page

TrackMage enables you to configure a custom domain for your branded tracking page, improving the overall customer experience with your brand.

The default URL format for TrackMage tracking pages is http://[name of tracking page] With a custom domain, your tracking page's URL will be http://yourdomain/tp.

Using a custom domain makes your brand look more credible because it links the tracking page directly to your brand.

Configure a Custom Domain: 

Step 1 - Prepare your domain

Obtain a domain name from a DNS provider such as GoDaddy, Bluehost, or others. Additionally, Shopify provides a default domain name for its users, which you can use.

Step 2 - Set up your CNAME records

Configure your CNAME records with either Cloudflare or your Nginx/Apache web server.

Step 3 - Choose your preferred Tracking page

Log in to your TrackMage account. Navigate to the side menu, select Tracking Pages, and click on your preferred tracking page.

We will configure the custom domain for the default tracking page in this example.

Step 4 - Add the Custom domain

Navigate to the Domain tab and click on the Add Custom Domain button. In the Add Custom Domain popup box, enter your desired custom domain. For this guide, we will use "" as the custom domain.

After completing the process, click the Verify button. You should see three green checkmarks, indicating successful verification.

Click the Save button, and you will receive a notification confirming that the custom domain has been successfully set up. The domain change takes effect immediately.

Step 5 - Test the Custom domain

To confirm that your tracking page redirects to your custom domain, click the Preview button at the top-right corner of the page.

In our example and the screenshot below, you can see that the tracking page URL is now…, indicating that the custom domain setup was successful.

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