How to Change Fonts

When it comes to design, User Experience (UX) matters a lot. A good design should not only be beautiful, but it also should be easy for the eyes to consume – that's what user experience is all about.

The choice of font, among many other factors, has a heavy influence on UX design, hence the need to get it right.

If you are looking to change the default font in TrackMage to something you feel would be better for your users, follow these steps

Step 1

Navigate to the Visual Builder page. You can do so by clicking the Tracking Page button on the left column, and then the Visual Builder. 

Step 2

On the Visual Builder Page, navigate to General >> Font

To select a font, click the Font Family button, and from the dropdown menu pick a font of your choice. We've got plenty of 'em.

To change the font color, click the Font Color button just below Font Family

Don't like the font you just chose? Simply click the Undo button.

Better yet, click the Reset Defaults button. 

Don't forget to save changes once you are done. 

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