How to Add a Favicon to a Tracking Page

Favicon is the small image you see in a browser's tab. For instance, here's TrackMage's favicon:

So, if you would like to change the default favicon, follow the steps below

Step 1

Navigate to Tracking Pages >> Visual Builder

Step 2

On the visual builder page, navigate to General >> Favicon.

In the Favicon section, click the Upload Image button. But before uploading, ensure the image has been resized to 16 x 16px, 32 x 32px, or 64 x 64px. Also, ensure that the image you want to upload is of acceptable format.

TrackMage only accepts images in .png, .ico, and .jped/.jpg format. 

Step 3

Save and Preview changes. If you don't like the uploaded favicon, you can always click the Reset Defaults button. 

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