What is a Workspace?

Think of workspace as a virtual office space where you and your team members get to perform different assigned tasks. It is in this virtual office that all tracking numbers (parcels) are kept.

Each team member has a specific task which is determined by you, the CEO (team admin) of the organization.

For a large organization where there are many team members, the CEO might elect to split the team members into different workspaces. A workspace admin is then appointed over each workspace by the CEO. His/her job is to oversee the activities of the team members in that workspace. 

A team member assigned to, say, workspace A can't partake in or see any activities of workspace B unless the CEO permits.

That's the concept of workspace. In Trackmage, every team member must be assigned to a workspace, or else s/he can't work.

Here is an illustration that might help you better understand the concept. 

As the Team Admin, you can create as many workspaces as you wish. There is no limit to the number of team members that can be in a workspace.

What's more,  you can, for example, grant a team member in Workspace 1 access to Workspace 2, simultaneously. You will learn how to grant a team member access to different workspaces in the coming tutorials.

Now you've, hopefully, got the concept, it's about time you created a workspace. Creating a new workspace is pretty straightforward. In this tutorial, we explained how to do so. 


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