Configure a Tracking Page for Wholesale Orders

Great customer experience is pivotal to the success of every business, regardless of the industry or niche. If you are in the retail industry, for instance, you will definitely want your customers - especially those that buy in wholesale quantities - to have a seamless purchasing experience.  

A customer that purchases in large quantities will be eternally grateful to you if there is a way he or she can easily see all their orders on one tracking page, rather than on several pages.  

For instance, a customer that purchases 200 items from you will be glad if he/she can get a link to a page where all 200 items are displayed, rather than 200 separate links to each of the items.

The good news is, TrackMage has an efficient system for managing wholesale orders. 

But before we dive in, you must understand the concept of wholesale ordering. In this article, we laid bare everything about wholesale ordering, and so recommend that you read it before continuing with this tutorial.

How to Configure a Tracking Page for Wholesale Order

To make it easy for you to follow this tutorial, we will be using a fictitious example.

A fictitious example: Jane, a customer of yours based in Hong Kong, purchases 1000 books from you, which she intends to resell. However, due to the sheer size of her purchase, the books are split into 3 batches, with each batch having a unique order ID: ORD101, ORD102, ORD103.

How do you generate a tracking page where Jane's purchases will be displayed, grouped by order ID? 

Pretty easy! Let's show you how.

Step 1

Log into your dashboard and create a tracking page where Jane's parcels will be displayed.

To do that, click the Tracking Pages tab. 

Next, click the Add Tracking Page button. 

Next, set a name for the tracking page. For this example, we will be using Jane's tracking page.

When you are done, click the Continue button at the bottom of the page.

Step 2

Select a theme of your choice and continue.