What is a Free Trial?

Having created your first team, you immediately received a trial subscription - a Free Trial. The subscription is valid for the next fourteen days and will help you get acquainted with all the features of TrackMage. 

What features does a trial subscription give? 

The subscription includes all the functionality of PRO plans, except adding users to the team and buying additional tracking numbers. It is possible to use the full potential of TrackMage, using additional features that are not available for other free plans - Custom Domains, Hide TrackMage Branding, Dropshipper Settings, and Custom Email Notifications. If after the trial you switch to a free plan that does not include additional functions, all the changes made (activation of the dropshipper settings, adding custom email notification, etc.) become unavailable. 

What are the limits of a trial plan?

It should be noted immediately that the plan is a trial and a completely free version. Therefore, before switching to another subscription, it is impossible to purchase any add-ons. 

  • There are limits for adding tracking numbers, in total it is possible to use 100 tracking numbers and to go over the limit you need to upgrade the plan. 
  • A team can have only one user - the team owner. To add additional users, you need to upgrade the plan. 
  • You can use a maximum of 500 email notifications. Other plans have more opportunities, in addition, you can add your SMPT credential and completely get rid of any limit. To increase the number of email notifications, you need to upgrade the plan. 

What happens when the trial expires?

At the end of the trial, you will not be able to use your workspace, only billing and a list of plans will be available. To continue working, you will need to select a new subscription. 

How does the discount apply when updating a plan? 

After you have created your first to and during the entire use of the plan Free Trial, you can see a notification about the possibility of a 50% discount. The discount does exist but is valid only if the plan is upgraded before the trial version expires. By updating the plan during the trial, you will get a discount on your monthly subscription fee for the next 6 months!

It is worth noting that a trial period is provided only for the first created team, and subsequently created teams will need to immediately purchase a subscription to gain access to the workspace, the discount also applies only to the first team. 

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