What to do if the Subscription is Temporarily Suspended

What happened if you tried to change the plan, but instead of a successful change, the notification Temporarily Suspended appears? First of all, you need to check how valid your card details are, whether it works and whether it is possible to make payments with its help.  The problem with the suspension of the subscription is the fact the payment was incorrect. 

Immediately, after an unsuccessful payment, you should receive a notification with detailed information about your payment. 

You can also receive an invoice with information about your payment. To do this, go to billing, you can use the Go To Billing button on the notification page, and you can also go by the standard methods (Manage Team --> Edit Team --> Billing or using the Temporarily Suspended button in the menu).

As you can see, an additional Pay Invoices icon has appeared in billing, you can use it to get an invoice or download it from the Billing History

Is it possible to use the workspace until the payment is completed correctly?

You can use all the functions of your subscription, except for actions requiring payment. There is also a restriction on adding tracking numbers until the payment process is complete you cannot exceed the limit of 100 numbers. After subscribing, the added numbers will be added to the limit of your plan. 

How to complete the payment?

You will not be able to complete the payment by re-paying through the page with the choice of a subscription or choosing a new subscription. When you try to change the plan, you will see a notification informing you that you have unpaid bills. 

If you have already tried to change the plan, you can use the Pay Invoices button in the notification received and go to the page on which you can pay the invoice.

Otherwise, you can go to the Billing page by clicking on the Pay Invoices icon that appears. 

You will see a page with all unpaid bills, the ability to download an invoice, and, ultimately, pay debts. 

Before making a re-payment, make sure that the new card is valid. 

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