How to Use Products Feed for Sliders from your Store on a Tracking Page

We already described how to configure sliders on a tracking page in the previous article

Now we want to tell you how you can use Products Feed from your store as slider items. 

To do so, here are the two simple steps to follow:

Step 1. Prepare Products Feed on your store

Products Feed should have the format of Facebook Products Feed XML to use in sliders on the tracking pages. There are many custom applications/extensions/plugins for different eCommerce systems, which allow the creation of Facebook Products Feed XML.

We recommend using the following applications/extensions/plugins:



To be sure your sliders look good using the products feed, please confirm each item in the feed contains the following fields.


  • link - is used for buttons in a slider. When clicking on the Buy Now button it will redirect to that link.
  • image_link - the image URL is used for the slider item's image. Use HTTPS for image URLs to be sure your images will not be blocked on a tracking age.
  • title - the name of the product


  • price - the regular price of the product
  • sale_price - the discounted price of the product

Step 2. Upload Products Feed to a slider

Start by clicking the Tracking Pages button. Click the Visual Builder button on the page you'd like to work with. This will take you to the visual builder page.

Navigate to Main Content Slider in the Visual Builder menu or click over the slider in the main content block.