How to Use Filtering to Find Any Parcel in Trackmage

TrackMage has an intuitive filtering system that you can use to sort through your parcels, easily. This feature will be particularly helpful if you have large parcels, and want to filter out one. Or, perhaps, you want to segregate the parcels based on certain criteria.

For example, say you want to filter out parcels with delivery status: "unsuccessful delivery". TrackMage's filtering system will be handy here.

With that said, here are the steps to using the filtering system.

Step 1

Log into your TrackMage dashboard. To filter any column, click the funnel-like icon beside it. 

Step 2

Let's say you want to filter out parcels with delivery status: "Cancelled". Click the funnel icon in the Status column. In the popup box, drag the vertical slider down till you Cancelled. 

Click the checkbox. TrackMage will automatically filter out parcels with canceled delivery status. You can choose multiple options at a time. That's to say, you can choose Cancelled, Expired, Return to Sender, etc. all at a time.

Click anywhere on the dashboard to hide the popup box.

To clear out the filtering and restore the hidden fields, click the funnel icon again, scroll down to Cancelled, and uncheck the checkbox. 

Better yet, click Clear

The filtering process is the same for other columns, though with slight variances. For example, to filter out a parcel by country of origin, click the funnel icon, and type in the name of the country.

If you wish to sort a parcel by date created or date updated, use the date filters. Additionally, with the date filters, you can sort the parcel within a date range.  

For example, let's say you want to filter out parcels created between 15th June and 30th June 2019. In the Created At column, click the funnel icon.

Pick 15th June from the date picker. If you noticed, the date you picked went to the "From" field at the bottom.

Then pick the next date: 30th June. This time around, it went to the "To" field

If you followed the steps correctly, you'd successfully filtered out the parcels created between 15th June and 30th June. Click anywhere in the dashboard to make the popup box go away, or click Clear to clear off the applied filter.

As you can see, it's pretty easy to use TrackMage's filtering system. 

You can use multiple filters at a time. For instance, if you wanted to filter out a parcel with destination "Belize", and carrier "DHL", you would have to apply two filters. 

Note: When trying to filter the parcels using the Tracking Number, ensure the tracking number is fully typed, else you won't find the parcel you are looking for.

For instance, let's say you want to filter out a parcel with tracking number "AA-1234". If you only typed "AA-12", you won't find what you are looking for. You have to type in the tracking number completely.  

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