How to Create a New Workspace

Step 1

On the tracking numbers interface, click on your "team name". (example: Fake Fictional)

Step 2

After clicking on your "team name", a drop-down will appear. Click on "manage workspaces".

Step 3

A new page will open and click on "create new workspace".

A new window will appear, type in the name of your new workspace. (example: fake fictional new)

The domain will automatically populate, no need to type in the new workspace name. 

To save, click on "create workspace"

Step 4

A new workspace is now added to your list.

For easy identification between workspaces, you can uniquely customize each workspace.

Simply click on the "edit" opposite the workspace you want to change. 

To delete a workspace, click on the "bin" icon. 

After clicking on the "edit icon", a new window should appear. 

On this window, you will be able to upload an assigned logo for this particular workspace. 

Your company logo can be in png or jpg format that is less than 5 MB in size. 

Click on "upload" and a new window should appear. 

On this window, simply "upload" the desired logo and click "save". 

You also have an option to "change image"

You will know that upload is successful when you see this blue message on the upper right-hand side of your screen.

Also on this page, there are options here to "remove logo" and "remove workspace" if necessary. 

Congratulations! You have successfully created a new customized workspace!

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