How to Invite your Team Members to Workspace

Invite your team to your workspace when you want their help managing the TrackMage account. You will need to be a Team Admin or a Workspace Admin of the workspace to invite team members.

Invite Members

You will need the members' emails to invite them. See User Permissions Explained to understand user permissions and assign the appropriate permissions to members.

  1. On your TrackMage dashboard, click the Workspace selector in the top-right corner.

  2. Click the Settings icon of the workspace to which you want to invite team members.

  3. On the Workspace page, click Members and do the following:

    • Users: Enter team members' emails, each separated by a comma (,).

    • Permission: Assign one of the following permissions to members:

      • Read: Members can only read shipment and order data and see the Analytics dashboard.

      • Write: Members get all permissions except to manage users and workspaces in the team.

      • Admin: Members get the permissions of the Workspace Admin of the workspace.

  4. Click Invite.

Your team members should receive invitation emails. 

Action Needed from Members

Members need to accept the invitation to get access to the workspace from which you sent the invitation. 

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