Understanding User Permissions

If your business has grown to the point of needing extra hands, you will want to put together a team. For seamless operations, you will want to assign the team members specific tasks on TrackMage. 

One of the cool features of TrackMage is that it lets you bring on board members of your team into specific workspaces on TrackMage and assign specific user permissions to control their level of access on TrackMage.

Levels of User Permission

The four levels of permission in TrackMage are:

  • Team Admin

  • Workspace Admin

  • Write

  • Read

The level of permission can be further broken into two hierarchies:

  • Team level (Team Admin)

  • Workspace level (Workspace Admin, Write, and Read)

The Team Admin's job is to create workspaces where their overall team of multiple Workspace Admins, Write users and Read users work. The Workspace Admin, Write User, and Read user for a workspace can work only in that workspace. Either the Team Admin or the Workspace Admin for a workspace can add and delete Write and Read users and manage their permissions.

Here's an illustration that depicts the levels and hierarchy of permissions.

Real-World Example


  • John Doe runs a large e-commerce store.
  • John Doe's store has Custom Support and Warehouse departments.
  • The Customer Support department handles post-sales operations, and the Warehouse department handles order fulfillment for the store.
  • The departments are headed by different managers.
  • The departments have five employees each who report to their Manager.
  • John Doe wants to use TrackMage to make order and shipment tracking easier for the departments.
  • John Doe subscribes to a TrackMage Pro plan with some additional user accounts.
  • John Doe wants to add employees from both departments to TrackMage.

User permissions in TrackMage

  • John Doe purchased the subscription and manages the billing activities for TrackMage. So, John Doe has the permission of a Team Admin.
  • John Doe creates two workspaces in the account, each for the Customer Support and Warehouse departments.
  • John Doe adds the managers of the departments as the Workspace Admins for their workspaces.
  • John Doe instructs the managers to add their reportees to TrackMage.
  • The managers add their reportees to their workspaces with the permission of a Write User or Read User.
  • When an employee resigns and moves out, the Manager can delete the user account of the employee who moved out and adds the new employee to TrackMage.
  • If a Manager wants to assign more tasks to an employee, they can change the permission from a Read User to a Write User.

Team Admin

  • A Team Admin is the super user for the TrackMage account.
  • The Team Admin can act in the capacity of the other three users. They can be the Workspace Admin for all the workspaces and so add new users to workspaces. 
  • The Team Admin has access to all the features in TrackMage, including Billing and Analytics. 
  • The Team Admin can decide to transfer the team ownership to someone else in the team.
    For instance, you are a Director of Customer Support who has decided to move out of the company. You want to transfer the team ownership to another employee in the company who is taking over as the Director of Customer Support. So, the new Director of Customer Support is the new Team Admin.

    You will have to contact our Customer Support to transfer team ownership.

Workspace Admin

A Workspace Admin seconds the Team Admin. Workspace Admin is the boss of a workspace.

A Workspace Admin can:

  • Invite other users, and assign and change their permissions. Also has the right to delete a user.
  • Change the configuration of the Workspace he is assigned to
  • Access analytics and the workflow feature
  • Create a new team but will be billed for it. In addition, they can only create a new team in a new workspace and not in the workspace they are assigned to. 

A Workspace Admin cannot:

  • Delete the team owner
  • Edit the configuration of a team
  • Change billing 
  • Access a workspace other than that which they are assigned to


A user with Write permission can only function within an assigned workspace. They are more like assistants to the Workspace Admins.

A user with Write permission can:

  • Create tracking numbers
  • Upload multiple tracking numbers
  • Get links to a tracking page
  • Configure tracking columns
  • Export data
  • Access the analytics page, but only to a limited extent.
  • Change the design of a tracking page
  • Create a new team but in a new workspace. This will require some billing

A user with Write permission cannot:

  • Invite, delete, or change the roles of the members of a team
  • Create and edit a team
  • Access a workspace's configurations
  • Create a workspace within the team they are assigned to
  • Create or re-configure workflows 

Read User

A user with Read permission has the least level of access. Such users can only read data; they can't create or edit any data. 

A user with Read permission can:

  • Get tracking links
  • Access the tracking page but can't do anything there
  • Filter columns 

A user with Read permission cannot:

  • Add tracking numbers
  • Edit a tracking page
  • Edit and add columns 
  • Use the Visual Builder tool
  • Change the configuration of a tracking page

Here's a screenshot of what a user with the Read permission sees on the TrackMage UI.

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