How to Use the Get Links Functionality

One of the cool things about Trackmage is that it lets you filter out parcels based on certain criteria such as order ID and email. When you are done filtering, it will generate a link to the tracking page where the parcels you filtered out will be displayed. 

Below is a sample tracking page. In this instance, the parcels have been filtered out using Origin Carrier, which happens to be DHL.

Without a link, you can't view or access a tracking page. To save you the trouble of manually generating links to tracking pages, we incorporated a Get Links functionality into TrackMage. 

It's pretty easy to use, and here are the steps to using it. 

Step 1

Log into your dashboard. Use the grid filter to set sort out the parcels you are looking for. If you don't know how to use the filtering system, check out this article.

For this example, we want to filter out parcels shipped by DHL. So, in the Origin Carrier field, we chose DHL Express. 

Then click Get Links.

Step 2.

In the Get Links popup box, select the tracking page you would like to use. If you don't know how to create tracking pages yet, read this tutorial. After that check the Use Filter From Grid field. This is important, as doing so will make Trackmage apply your filter criteria. 

Step 3

Click the Generate CSV button. 

Upon click, you will get a notification telling you that the file is ready for download. 

Click View All Notifications button and in the notification list you will see the Download button for the generated CSV file.

Note: Depending on the number of links you are generating, it might take a while for TrackMage to generate the CSV file. For example, if you wanted to generate 100,000 links at a time, it will take a while for TrackMage to generate the CSVs. Not to worry, as soon as the file is generated, you will be notified.