How to add or change tracking numbers for shipments in Trackmage

Add Trucking Number to your shipment

1. To add a Tracking Number to your shipment, simply click on the Add trucking number button. Enter the number into the corresponding field, when the pop-up appears, and click Save.


You can leave the carrier field empty, when adding the trucking number to the shipment, and our system will automatically detect it for you.


2. You can also add a Tracking Number to the shipment, by clicking on the shipment's ID.

3. Next, you will need to enter your Tracking Number in the designated field (1) and then click on the Save button (2).

Change Tracking Number for a shipment

4. You can change the Tracking Number for a shipment on the shipment's page. Simply change the number in the Tracking Number field and click Save.

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