How to Use the Re-track Feature

TrackMage's re-track feature lets you make and check for updates to your shipment in real-time. For instance, let's assume your parcel was originally assigned to carrier A. Then, along the way, a switch was made to carrier B. With the re-track feature, you can easily update the new carrier right in your dashboard.

The re-track feature is pretty easy to use, and in this tutorial, you will get to learn how to use it. Here are the steps

Step 1

Log into your dashboard. Ensure you are on the Tracking Number page. If you aren't sure, click the Tracking Number button.

Locate the parcel you wish to re-track. For this example, we will be re-tracking the parcel right on the first row.

Click the three-dot icon on the first column.

 Then click Re-Track

In the Re-track popup box, you will see the tracking number of the parcel on the left. On the right, you will see a dropdown menu where you will see the list of carriers. 

If you can't see the carrier you are looking for, use the up and down key on your keyboard. There are dozens of carriers there for your choosing. In this case, we chose Canada Post.

Then click the Re-Track button.

You will get a success message telling you that the re-track request was successfully created. 

By now, the Origin Carrier field would have been updated. Peradventure it wasn't, refresh the browser. 

As you can see, the carrier has been changed from Yemen Post to Canada Post. 

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