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TrackMage offers support for a wide array of carriers, encompassing over 1000 options, including renowned names such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, and many others. When you assign a tracking number to a shipment, you can either manually select a carrier or allow TrackMage to autonomously detect the appropriate carrier from the extensive list. To optimize this process and eliminate additional steps, we've introduced the Preferred Carriers feature. This article will guide you through setting up your Preferred Carriers.

1. The Preferred Carriers selection is presented during both the TrackMage registration steps and right after creating a new workspace. These Preferred Carriers are specific to each workspace.

If you don't have a TrackMage account yet, start the registration process by following this link.  

For more information on Workspaces, refer to our How to Create a New Workspace article.

2. To assign your most frequently used carriers to an existing workspace, access its settings by clicking the gear icon in the Workspaces dropdown menu. Then, proceed to the Carriers tab.

3. On the Carriers tab, click the +Add Carrier button to proceed. In the Add Preferred Carriers window, scroll through the Carriers List or use the search field to find your desired carrier. Check the box next to each carrier you wish to add. The picked carriers will appear in the Selected Carriers list. Complete the process by clicking the Save button. 

Now your chosen carriers are listed on the tab. From now on, any tracking number you enter will be checked by this list first. To add more carriers to the list, simply click +Add Carrier and follow the same steps.

4. The automatic carrier detection operates based on the priority order of your list. Arrange the carriers in your desired sequence using drag and drop, or the Up and Down arrows to move them to the top or bottom. To remove a carrier from the list, click the bin icon. 

Congratulations! You've successfully configured your Preferred Carriers list.

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