How to manage order items in the shipment

TrackMage provides a wide range of features to improve your business. One of these features is the capability to handle order items in shipments. You can add order items to shipments that are associated with other orders, modify their quantity, or remove them from the shipments. This article will guide you through the different options for managing order items in TrackMage.

You will need to have your TrackMage account to be able to create and manage shipments. If you don't have one, here is a quick guide on how to create it 😊

Add order items to the linked shipment

1. To add order items to the linked shipment, click on thebutton next to the shipment's ID. A modal window will appear, allowing you to choose the specific order items you want to include and set their quantity. Once you're done, just click the Add Items button and refresh the page if necessary. And there you have it! Your order items have been successfully added to the shipment!

Add order items to the existing shipments

 (Link existing shipment to an order)

You can only add items to an existing shipment under certain conditions. These include: if the shipment has not yet been assigned a tracking number, or if the shipment has been assigned a tracking number, but its code is either “no_info” or “pre_transit”.

It's also important to ensure that either the shipment address in the shipment, you want to add items to, is blank or that the shipping address on your order matches the address on the shipment.


2. Let’s check on adding items to the shipment with a blank shipping address. Click on the menu icon of the newly created shipment on the Shipments tab.

3. Check the Shipment ID in the General info tab on the Shipment page. Click on the Copy button and copy it.

4. Now, go to the Orders page and click on the menu button next to the Order, from which you wish to include items in the shipment.

5. Next, click on the Add to existing button.

6. In the form open, paste the Shipment ID you’ve just copied into the search field. You can also choose an available Shipment from the drop-down list. When your shipment is selected, another pop-up will appear, allowing you to select the order items and their quantities to be added. Click on the Add items button, when you're done. A success message will appear, confirming that the selected order items have been added to the shipment.

Change the order items quantity in the shipment without tracking number

7. To change the number of the order items in the shipment, go to this shipment and click on the order items quantity. Change the number to the desired and confirm your action in the modal window, that appears. That’s all, you’ve managed your shipment!

Take order items out of shipment

If, for some reason, you will need to take your order items out of the shipments, you can do that for only the shipments without a tracking number.


8. To take order items out, you will need to go to the shipment, select which items you want to take out and click on the drop-down pointer. In the drop-down, click on the Take order items out and confirm your action in the modal window, that appears.


9. Refresh the window and check – the order items you’ve taken out are back in the "Not yet fulfilled" order items list.

That's right! It's super simple! Have fun using TrackMage!

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