How to Create a Tracking Page

Our tracking pages are next to none in the market. Not only are they super customizable, they are also 100% mobile responsive.

Simply put, a tracking page is a page where all the shipping details of a parcel are listed out. Here's how a typical tracking page looks like:

As you can see, the tracking number, carrier, delivery status, originating and the destination country of the parcel are listed out on the page. There is also a review section where customers can leave a review of their experience with you. 

TrackMage creates a tracking page for you automatically when signing up for the first time, and this page will be set as default.

However, you can always add new tracking pages, and set a page of your choice as default. Also, you can change the design of a page, customizing it to your taste. 

Now let's show you how to create a tracking page in TrackMage. 

Log into your dashboard and click the Tracking Pages button. 

What you will see at first is the default tracking page you had earlier created when signing up. Now click the Add Tracking Page button.

Step 1

Set a name for the new tracking page. For this example, will be naming this page "Another tracking page". The subdomain will automatically auto-populate as you type in the name, so you don't have to worry about that. Click Continue.

Step 2

Select a theme for the page - there are over a dozen themes you can choose from. After selecting a theme, click Continue.

Step 3

Your Tracking page is Created!
Now you can customize it. If you wish to use it right away, click the "Open Visual Builder" button and check out
this tutorial to learn how to create a branded tracking page. Else, click "Customize Later".

Step 4

It's now time to preview the tracking page you just created. There are three ways to preview a tracking page.

One is by clicking the Tracking Pages tab and then clicking on the Eye icon of the tracking page you wish to preview.

The second method is to click the Edit button icon of the tracking page. 

Then click the Preview button.

The last method of previewing a tracking page is using the visual builder tool. Click the Visual Builder button. If you wish to add, remove or change some elements, you can do so in the Visual Builder.

When you are done click the Preview button.