Configuring Internal Email Alerts for Suspected Lost or Damaged Shipments

TrackMage provides the Expired and Transit Limit Exceeded statuses, indicating potential issues in the delivery process. The Expired status suggests a package with no tracking information for 30 days since its creation, raising suspicions of loss or damage. The Transit Limit Exceeded status indicates that a package has been in transit for longer than the normal transit time, possibly indicating a loss. 

We highly recommend directing these notifications to your team members instead of clients. This way, your team can address the issue promptly before it reaches the client, ensuring a proactive approach to resolving any potential problems with shipments.

To set this up, utilize the TrackMage - Shipment Expired metric in Klaviyo as a stand-alone event. For the Transit Limit Exceeded event, specify the number of days for the Days From the Last Checkpoint option, which can signal a prolonged lack of checkpoint changes. Refer to this article to set up the checkpoint option. 

Let's go through the setting:

1. Access your Klaviyo account. Navigate to Flows in the side menu and click Create Flows -> Create from Scratch in the upper right corner. Assign a name to the flow and proceed to create it. In the Flow Builder, select Your Metrics from the right menu and choose Klaviyo Prod from the list. Locate TrackMage - Shipment Expired in the list of metrics, and click on it. Confirm your trigger selection to complete and save the flow.

2. Navigate to the left-side menu, select the Internal Alert box, and add it to the Flow. Then enter the email addresses of your team members into the Send to field or select them from the drop-down list within your company. Save the Flow to complete. 

Continue to create the flow by choosing the email template and configuring the template. It is up to you to add any other triggers, flow filters, actions, or logic as needed. This serves as an example of the easiest usage.

If you haven't integrated with TrackMage yet, refer to the How to Connect Klaviyo with Your TrackMage Account and Set Your First Automated Email Flow article.

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