How to edit Email Notification

Step 1

Log into your dashboard, click the Automation and go to the Emails page or click on Set up your Email Notifications.

Once on the page with all existing notifications, select the one you want to edit and click on the Edit email notification button. 

Step 2

As an example, we will edit the notification we created if you still do not know how to create your notification, read this documentation article.

Editing your template differs from editing a default template in that you can choose conditions. 

There should not be any difficulties in changing the title of the notification, it can be any, the only condition is that it is mandatory to fill out. The choice of the tracking page, in turn, is provided from those tracking pages that were created specifically for this workspace, work on which is currently ongoing. You cannot select the tracking page created by your team but in a different workspace.

Step 3

Let's move on to editing the body. Even if this may seem like something complicated, in fact, the system is designed so that writing a notification text is an elementary task. 

There are many helper actions in the editing window. For example, B is a tag for creating bold text, I is a tag for highlighting italics, and U is a tag for underlining text. In addition, you can use the button to embed a link and the buttons to perform Undo/Redo actions. 

And most importantly, in order to make the edited template look as comfortable and like the default templates, use Variables, with which you can put dynamic information in your notifications, and edit as you wish.

Congratulations! Now you can edit Email Notifications. 

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