How to Edit Email Template

This article explains how to edit email templates. The steps apply to both Default Email templates and Custom Email templates.

When you enable Default Email templates or Custom Email templates, the notifications sent to your customers use our default email subject and body. If required, you can edit a template to customize the email subject and body and add CC and BCC participants. You also have options to test your edits before saving the template.

Email templates can be edited irrespective of whether you have enabled them. For example, you may want to edit templates to your liking and later enable the resulting notifications to customers.

Edit Template

  1. On your TrackMage dashboard, navigate to the Automation > Emails page.
  2. Click the Edit icon of the template you want to edit, and you will see all the editable fields.
  3. Make the following changes to the template:
    • Title: Change the title of the template if needed. This field is seen only for a custom template.
    • Tracking page: Select a tracking page design that should be sent in the notifications.
    • CC and BCC: Add additional recipients as needed. For example, your Customer Support team members.
    • Conditions: Change the conditions of the template. These fields are seen only for a custom template.
    • Subject: Change the subject of the email as needed.
    • Body: Change the body of the email as needed. Use the helper actions in the editor. For example, B is a tag for creating bold text, I is a tag for highlighting italics, and U is a tag for underlining text. Use the Link button to embed links and the Undo and Redo buttons to move through the edits. 
    • Variables: Use the Variables button to add dynamic shipment information to the notifications.
  4. Click Add.

Test Template

You have two options to test the edited template before sending notifications to customers—Preview the template and Send a test email.

  • Click Preview to preview the email notification resulting from the template.
  • Click Send Sample to send an email notification to your email.

If you don't like the edits you made and want to revert to our default, click Reset Defaults.

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