How to generate API Keys for the Wordpress plugin installation wizard

Before you start working with the Wordpress plugin installed by you, you need to go through the installation wizard for the plugin to work correctly. And the first point that you have to face is API credentials. If you are not completely sure where to get this data, check out the step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1

´╗┐Log into your dashboard and go to your profile settings.

In the settings, go to the tab "API Keys" you need.

Step 2

Now, to generate your key, you must fill in the required fields App Name and App Url.

The App Name field can be filled in with any name convenient for you. For example, let's call this field "Wordpress". The App Url field is filled in by copying the Url from the installation wizard page, that is, you need to insert "" in this field.

After filling in the fields, click Generate and the key will be instantly generated.

Congratulations! You were able to create your API key and now you can use it in the installation wizard to configure the plugin.

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