Types of Subscription

After the trial period came to an end, there was a need to switch to a new plan. Let's look at what plans exist in TrackMage.

In total there are five plans, with the possibility of acquiring both a month and immediately for a whole year. Buying an annual subscription is more profitable, as it gives a 20% discount.

Now consider each plan in more detail.

Forever Free Monthly / Annual

This is the only free plan, except the trial plan. Compared to other plans, it has many limitations. For example, additional features, such as Dropshipper Settings, Custom Domains, Custom Email Notifications, and Hide TrackMage Branding are not available when using this subscription. The rest of the plan is practically no different from the trial period, the limit on the number of users in a team is the same - a team can have only one user, the limit for tracking numbers is 100 numbers, and the limit for email notifications is 500. 

When using the free plan, it is possible to buy additional users on the team and buy additional tracking numbers.

Starter Monthly / Annual, Basic Monthly / Annual, Standard Monthly / Annual, Pro Monthly / Annual

The remaining plans include all additional functions and differ only in the limit so that each team can choose the most comfortable plan for themselves, focusing on the size of the team and volume of work activity. 

Can I switch to another subscription?

By choosing one subscription, you can always switch to another, choosing among the plans the most suitable for you now. If the subscription you have chosen is cheaper, it does not change immediately, in which case you send a request to change the subscription. The effective date of your new subscription is indicated in the window when you try to change the plan. 

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