Widgets Explained

A widget is an add-on functionality that can be added to a website or online store as a stand-alone feature. Widgets are easy to set up with copy-and-paste code blocks from Trackmage that you can embed on your website without technical expertise or knowledge.

On TrackMage, you can embed the following widgets on your website.

Product Slider Widget

The Product Slider widget displays your popular products to customers while they track their orders on your website. This can help you upsell your customers and make additional sales.

To learn more about the Product Slider widget and how to embed it on a website, see Product Slider Widget.

Email Validation Widget

The Email Validation Script widget validates typos and the validity of the emails your customers enter on your website pages. For example, when filling out a form. This can help you ensure that your customers enter the correct email so that they receive your emails.

To learn more about the Email Validation Script widget and how to embed it on a website, see the Email Script Validation Widget.

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