How to Localize Tracking Statuses and Their Descriptions in Klaviyo Templates

Every tracking status in TrackMage has a corresponding description. Along with the order details, TrackMage sends localized status names and their descriptions to Klaviyo in over a hundred languages. To see what data is included with Klaviyo events, navigate to Metrics, click the Activity Feed, and access the Activity details via the kebab menu on the desired event. Review all variables that are available to be implemented in the Email template.

Check out this article to learn how to set up email notifications depending on the destination country. 

Now, let's walk through the steps on how to easily utilize localized statuses and their descriptions:

1. Access your Klaviyo account. Navigate to Flows in the side menu and click Create Flows -> Create from Scratch in the upper right corner. Assign a name to the flow and proceed to create it. In the Flow Builder, select Your Metrics from the right menu and choose Klaviyo Prod from the list. For instance, pick the TrackMage - Shipment In Transit in the list of metrics, and click on it. Confirm your trigger selection to complete.

2. On the right side menu, choose the Email box and add it to the Flow. Then, click the "Set up email banner on the Email box in the Flow. In the opened left menu, scroll down and locate the Template option, then click on the Select template button.

3. In the Template Library, select an existing template or create a new email template. In our example, we modified an existing template by translating the English text into Spanish. This delights customers by informing them that the delivery process has already started, providing them with a tracking number, and addressing them individually by name. 

4. Now let's see where to find the localized tracking statuses and insert them into the email template. To do that, click the Test and Preview button in the upper right corner. Then, the Preview Event Info menu will be opened. Scroll through the event properties and locate the trackingStatusTranslation line. Below it, find the needed language. The languages are shown there in ISO code and its translation accordingly. Spanish is our example, and it has the code es. Finally, click on it and return to template editing by clicking the Done button.

Replace the status placeholder by copied code {{|default:'' }} and watch the results by clicking the Preview and Test button again.

5. Now let's replace the status description placeholders by finding the appropriate variable in the Event properties menu: {{|default:'' }}. Continue replacing name, order number, tracking number, and tracking URL placeholders the same way. Finally, test the template by sending an email, and you will receive the email as shown below.

Save the changes and Flow afterward to ensure your customers receive personalized emails and tracking info like in the photo below.

If you haven't integrated with TrackMage yet, refer to the How to Connect Klaviyo with Your TrackMage Account and Set Your First Automated Email Flow article.

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