How to Add New Parcels to TrackMage Manually

Adding parcels to TrackMage is a pretty straightforward process. In this tutorial, we will show you how to add parcels – or shipments if you wish to call them – manually to TrackMage. With that said, let's get into it.

Create a shipment from the Shipments page

1. Log into your account. On the left-side menu, select Shipments (1) Once you're on the Shipments page, find the +Add Shipment button (2) in the top right corner of the page, and click on it.

2. Upon clicking, what you'd see is a Shipment creation form. In the Tracking Number field box, type in your parcel's tracking number.

  You don't have to fill in the Tracking Number field right now. You can leave it blank and add it later. Just follow steps 9-11 in this tutorial to learn how to do it.

To find a carrier, click the Origin carrier dropdown field. We support over 1000 carriers, including big names like DHL, UPS, FedEx, and a host of others.

If you don't know the carrier company that is shipping your parcel, no worries, - TrackMage will automatically detect it after submission.

You can use the Re-Track feature to adjust the auto-detected carrier in case there's an error. You will find your parcel in the grids.  

In case you want to add a shipping address to the shipment, click on the Shipping Address. Fill out the fields accordingly. Finally, hit the +Add button.

 Worth to notice, that once you create a shipment, and it has a tracking number, you won't be able to change the shipping address if the shipment has already been sent.

Create a shipment from the Orders page

The shipping address is automatically copied when creating a shipment from the order.

3. First, click on the Orders in the left-side menu. 

4. From there, choose the order you want to ship and click on the three vertical dots at it.

5. When you see a drop-down menu, select the option Create Shipment.

6. In the modal windows, that pops up, select which order items should be in your shipment (1), set the items' quantity (2), and click Create Shipment (3). Your shipment will be createdits shipping address and general information will be automatically filled in from the order.

 Just a friendly reminder, if you forget to include the items in your shipment and click the Create Shipment button, your shipment will be created empty but still connected to your order. 

Create a shipment from the page of the specific order (Fulfill an Order)

7To do that, you should go to the Orders page and simply click on the menu button next to the order you want to create a shipment at.

8. When you are on the order's page, click on the +Create new shipment and in the modal windows, that pops up, select which order items should be in your shipment, set the items' quantity, and click Create Shipment. 

Add Trucking Number to your shipment

9. To add a Tracking Number to your shipment, simply click on the Add trucking Number button. Enter the number into the corresponding field, when the pop-up appears, and click Save.

 You can leave the carrier field empty, when adding the trucking number to the shipment, and our system will automatically detect it for you. 

10. You can also add a Tracking Number to the shipment, by clicking on the shipment's ID.

11. Next, you will need to enter your Tracking Number in the designated field (1) and then click on the Save button (2).


You can change tracking number for a shipment on the shipment page by simply changing the tracking number in the corresponding field and clicking the Save button.


Congrats! You've created a shipment and added a Tracking Number to it!

Refer to this article if you want to explore how to import your shipments to TrackMage through a .CSV or .XLS files.

Find more articles on how to manage shipments by following this link.

Please, contact us, if you have any questions.

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