Export Shipments from TrackMage as a CSV file

TrackMage allows you to export your shipment data as a CSV spreadsheet. You can use this data to analyze your shipments or import the data into 3rd-party software. 

Before downloading shipment data, you can limit the data displayed on the Shipments page by:

Specific shipments - Use the filter button to filter the Shipments data page. For example, choose Unsuccessful Delivery in the Tracking Status category to see only shipments that have not been delivered to customers. See Filter shipment data for more details.

Specific fields per shipment - Limit the fields displayed for the shipments to the ones you use regularly. For example, hide the Shipment Status and Review fields. See Manage Shipment fields and statuses for more details.

  1. From your TrackMage dashboard, navigate to Ecommerce > Shipments.

  2. Select the shipment items and fields you want to export.

Under Items, select:

  • Export all – to see all shipments available in your workspace.

  • Export Selected – to see only the shipments you selected on the grid before you clicked Export.

  • Export all with filters from the grid – to export filtered shipments from the grid.

  • Export visible – to see all orders that are visible on the grid. 

Under the Fields option, select 

  • All – to see all the columns in the grid.

  • Visible – to see only the columns that are visible on the grid.

  3. After filtering the shipment data, click Export at the top-right corner of the page.

This example filters all shipments by Tracking status: Delivered and includes all the rows (All) in the field option.

4. Once your shipment data is ready, the file will download automatically. Open the download file with any spreadsheet editor. 

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