How to Use Zapier to Send SMS with Tracking Page Link

Discover TrackMage's review feature for post-delivery feedback. Learn to enable it easily. Utilize SMS notifications through TrackMage-Zapier integration to prompt reviews, focusing on SMS with a tracking link for delivered parcels. Set up is straightforward and effective, triggering SMS when parcels reach 'Delivered' status, including a personalized encouragement to leave a review and Tracking page link.

To make this setup possible, you need to have prepaid Zapier and Twilio (or any other services for sending SMS integrated with Zapier) accounts. Click here to sign up for TrackMage.

Step 1. Set TrackMage Trigger event

Before you start the setup, make sure you have a shipment created with a reachable phone number assigned to check all functions properly. Take a look at this article to learn how to add new parcels to TrackMage manually.

1. Start by creating a new Zap in your Zapier account. As a source for the Trigger event of the first step, select the latest TrackMage app (2) by typing its name in the search field (1).

2. After you set the TrackMage app, choose the Event (1) from the dropdown options. Pick Update Shipment Tracking Status (2) and click the Continue button to proceed.

3. Connect your TrackMage (1) account or change one if it's already connected on this menu. Press the Continue (2) button next.

4. Select the workspace on which the parcel tracking statuses will be followed. Click the Continue button as well.

5. Next, you'll be prompted to test the trigger by pressing the button of the same name.

6. The results of the test will be displayed on the wizard if the previous steps were correctly done. To complete the first step, select any Update Shipment (1) data and click the Continue with the selected record (2) button.

If you do not see the reachable phone number for the test, click the Find new records button to look for one.

The first step is now complete, and the wizard will proceed to the next step.

Step 2. Set Zapier Action event

7. The Action step will open, where we need to sort out a desired tracking status. Choose the Filter tool on the right menu.

8. In the Only continue if three columns dropdowns, pick the Tracking status (1) in the first column, Exactly matches (2) in the second. In the third, don't choose the options, but type delivered (3). Continue by clicking on the appropriate button (4).

9. The filter test data will be displayed. Accept it by pressing the Continue button.

The Action step wizard will redirect to the next new action step wizard. The current step is complete.

Step 3. Set TrackMage Action event 

 10. In this step, first choose the latest TrackMage app as well, typing its name in the search field. Then select the Action event, which will be Create Tracking Page Link (2), from the dropdown in the Event (1) field. Click Continue to proceed to the Account settings.

11. On the Account setting, the current TrackMage account you selected in the first step will be linked automatically. Agree with that and continue by clicking the button of the same name.

12. Next, you should set the workspace (1) where you follow your shipments; it must be the same as in the first step was selected. After you'll get access to available Tracking pages in the recorded workspace. Pick a desired Tracking page (2) from the Tracking page dropdown (you can create multiple Tracking pages, oriented for different markets, for example).

13. Continue to work on the Action block of the third step. Go to the Tracking Number field (1), in the Insert Data dropdown, select Update Shipment Tracking Status in TrackMage and there pick the Tracking Number (2) from the previously tested shipment set. Finally, scroll down the Action block, leave other fields empty, and confirm the data by pressing the Continue button.

14. The Test block is opened. Here you can check the generated Tracking page link (1) for the Update Shipment data. Copy the link and open it in a new tab to see if it corresponds to your design. The status of the parcel is Delivered, and the Leave a Review window can be opened by clicking on the five stars below the tracking details.

Now skip the publishing of the Zap and close (2) this Step. To go to the next step, click the Plus (2) icon below if the new action step does not open automatically.

Step 4. Set Twilio Action event

For the feature to function properly, you need to have the Twilio prepaid account already set up or any other services for sending SMS integrated with Zapier. 

15. In the new Action step, select the Twilio app (2) as an action event by searching for it in the appropriate field (1).

16. The Twilio (1) is shown as selected.  In the activated Event (2) field, choose the Send SMS (3) option from the dropdown.

17. Next, connect your Twilio (1) account by logging in and press the Continue (2) button to proceed.

18. On the Action block of Step 4, you need to connect the Twilio phone number (1) from which SMS will be sent with Zap and define the data in the Alphanumeric Sender ID field (2) (for more information, go to the link below the field). In this section, make the choice for the To Number (3) field from the Insert Data (4) dropdown, picking the Phone Number (5) variable from the Update Shipment Tracking Status in TrackMage list. These are your clients' phone numbers from shipment details. Complete the section using the Continue button.

19. Now it is time to create an engaging message for the SMS. Make up the desired notification, inserting the needed variables from TrackMage. Search for 3.Link:..  and 1.Tracking number to insert in the text in the Message (1) field, like in our example, for personalized informing the customer. Select YES in the Send Large Messages (2) field and click the Continue (3) button.

20. On the Test step, you will finally receive the SMS. Press the Test action button and check the phone number in a couple of seconds.

21. Now publish your Zap. Well done!

Kudos! From this moment, any customer with a reachable phone number in the shipment details will receive a notification containing the link to the Tracking page as soon as the status changes to "Delivered".

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If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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