Linked orders in Shopify Integration

When using TrackMage, it is not possible to assign a single tracking number to multiple shipments. However, if you have active Shopify integration, this is feasible on the Shopify side. It is important to note that in such a scenario, the shipping addresses for all these shipments must be identical.


1. Let's see how this looks. Go to your Shopify store and complete the orders, adding the same tracking numbers to multiple orders. Make sure, that all these orders have the same shipping address. On your TrackMage Orders page, you'll notice a few shipments with the same tracking number. When you check them one by one, you'll see that each shipment belongs to a different order, but the shipping addresses in each of them are the same.

2. If the shipping addresses in these orders were different, a shipment would be created, and you would receive a notification about it on TrackMage.

3. After clicking on the “Go To Shipments” button, you will be taken to the shipments page where the relevant shipments will already be filtered, so you can correct the mistake, changing either tracking number or shipping address in the shipment.

Please, note, that the shipping address can only be changed in your Shopify store admin account.


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