How to Embed Tracking Widgets in Your Shopify Store

Tracking Page Embeddable Widgets allow you to integrate tracking functionality directly into your site pages and customize their display to match your brand. For more details on the types of Tracking Widgets, see the Tracking Page Embeddable Widgets article.

Note. The Branded tracking page is automatically generated upon integrating with Shopify or WooCommerce and serves as the default page. Minor adjustments may be needed to align with your store's design. The styles are reflected across the Tracking and Search pages, Tracking widgets, and Product slider.

Let’s explore how to embed tracking widgets using the Order Details widget as an example.

1. From your TrackMage Orders Page, navigate to the Tracking Pages. Choose the desired tracking page and then click on the Tracking Widgets tab. Locate the Tracking Page Embeddable Widgets section.

2. Sequentially copy the code for the Bootstrap Script, Setup Widget, Lookup Widget, and Order Details widget. Then sequentially paste it into a page's Content field on Shopify. Follow the next step.

3.  Access your Shopify store admin account. In the side menu, go to Online Store > Pages. Click Add page, name the page in the Title field, then switch to code mode by clicking the arrows icon and paste the copied code into the Content field. Click Save to complete the creation of the page. 

4. You can add the newly created page to any of the store menus. In this example, the Track My Order page is added to the store Navigation menu. Go to the Store preview to check the page. When a customer enters the order number or tracking number, they will receive detailed order information, including parcels with tracking numbers and statuses, as well as unsent goods, all within your store page.

Displays your popular products to customers while they track their orders with the Product Slider widget

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