How to Embed a Product Slider Widget in Your Shopify Store

The Product Slider widget displays your popular products to customers while they track their orders on your website. For more details about the Product Slider widget, see the article.

Let’s explore how to easily embed the Product Slider widget in your Shopify store.

1. From your TrackMage account, navigate to the Widgets section in the left menu. On the Widgets page, click the widget bar (or its edit icon), then switch to the Embedded Code tabCopy the codes for the Bootstrap Script (not needed if the Tracking Page widget is already embedded) and the Widget Code.

Note. The Branded Product Slider is automatically generated upon integrating with Shopify or WooCommerce and serves as the default one. Minor adjustments may be needed to align with your store's design. Styles are also reflected across the Tracking and Search pages, and Tracking widgets.

2. You can embed the code on any of your pages. In this example, we'll add the Slider Widget on the same page as the Tracking Widget created previouslyNavigate to the desired page in your Shopify Admin, enter edit mode, switch to code mode by clicking the arrow icon, and paste the copied code into the Content fieldClick Save to apply the changes.


3. Go to the Store preview to check the page. Refresh the store to load the changes if needed. Now, your products will be displayed below the Tracking section, helping to increase sales.

For more information about widgets, please refer to this chapter.

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