How to Configure SMTP Credentials for Email Notifications

Setting up SMTP credentials allows TrackMage to send emails on behalf of your domain. 

Log into your dashboard, click the Automation, and go to the Emails page

On the page that opens you will see a popup "Please set up your SMTP email sender".

In this popup we see two buttons, to set up SMTP click "Set up SMTP" or click "Cancel" to discard. If you select the "Set up SMTP" button, the Email Settings page opens, which has several parts: you can set your logo, create a signature and configure Smtp Credentials. Looking at setting up Smtp Credentials.

Next, you have two options: you can click "Add" or click on "Manage SMTP Credentials".

1) If you click the "Add" button, a popup opens in which you have to enter the parameters for the SMTP settings 

2) If you click on "Manage SMTP Credentials", the team's settings page opens, where you can see the "Credentials" tab. You need to select SMTP in the dropdown "Select entity type" and then click the "Add" button.

and in the popup that opens you need to configure SMTP according to the instructions below

To get started, please find your email provider below:

After you set up SMTP you will go back to the "Email Settings" page and in the "Smtp Credentials" field you will see your sender name and email

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