How to Enable/Disable the Review Option

With a branded tracking page, you can get customers to drop reviews about their experience with your store as soon as they get their orders.

The reviews feature is enabled by default; however, it only becomes active when the parcel has been delivered to the customer. 

That is to say, if a parcel is still in transit or, perhaps, delivery was unsuccessful, the customer won't be able to access the reviews feature. 

Customers can only give reviews on delivered orders on a scale of 1-5 and leave comments and/or suggestions.

You can decide to disable or enable the review feature at any time. 

Step 1

Log in to your TrackMage account.

Step 2

Click Tracking Pages from the dashboard and click the Edit icon on the desired tracking page.

Step 3

To disable the Reviews feature, toggle the Review button to the left, turning it gray.

To enable the Reviews feature, toggle the Review button to the right, turning it green.

When you are done, click Save.