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Create tracking pages on TrackMage to track shipments and retain customers

A Tracking page helps you manage your shipments and engage your customers till they receive their orders. On TrackMage, Tracking pages offer more than just shipment tracking. We’ve built features to help you upsell and get shopping reviews from your customers.

You won’t have to spend 2x more on ads to retain your customers—you can sell products from your Tracking pages and collect reviews at no extra cost. 

What is a Tracking Page?

A tracking page is a simplified approach to managing and tracking your shipments on a single dashboard.

The tracking page reduces the cost of managing a customer support team to answer the common question from customers: Where is my order? and the resulting chargebacks or refunds due to delivery issues.

Enable email notifications on your tracking page using up to 6 email templates to update your customers with the latest status about their packages.

Tracking pages on TrackMage saves you time and money, allowing you to make the biggest impact in growing your business. With our expertise in logistics and order fulfillment, we give your customers a better post-purchase experience.

When a customer places an order on your eCommerce stores like Shopify or WooCommerce, they get a tracking link to track their package once their order is shipped out till they receive their packages. You can also send a tracking page to your customers manually if you don’t have an online store. Rather than sending a courier’s company tracking page to your customers, they will have a more personalized experience using your branded tracking page to track their orders until they are delivered.


  • Organize your shipments  

Create and manage multiple tracking pages in one workspace/billing account and select a default page for your customers. Manage your product procurement shipping or other stores’ shipments from a central billing account.

  • Economies of Scale

Create a tracking page for any business size. Use our bulk tracking feature to manage your shipments as a wholesaler.

  • Customize your tracking page

TrackMage includes 20+ predesigned templates and themes you can use out of the box. We also have a Visual Builder to let you customize your tracking page to match your store branding.

  • Custom Domain

Own your tracking pages. Redirect your tracking page to your store’s custom domain.

  • Search

With a tracking number, order number, or email address, your customers get updates about their orders.

Note: To use the search functionality on your tracking page, you must embed the full tracking page on your website.

  • Upselling

Retain your customers by upselling via the product feed on the tracking page while they wait for their order delivery. This reduces churn and increases the chance of repurchasing.

  • Get instant post-purchasing reviews

Enable reviews on your tracking page to let your customer share their shopping and shipping experience as soon as they get their orders. Share the good reviews via social media and other promotional channels to increase brand awareness.

  • Localization

Adapt your branded tracking page to 8+ supported languages to deliver a tailored experience for your customers no matter where they are in the world.

  • Tracking Widgets

Embed snippets of your tracking page or the full page on your website. Your customers track their orders directly on your website.

  • Get order lookup links on-the-go

Apply filters to your shipment data to get insights about a customer’s order, courier info, shipment status, and more.

See Get Links of Tracking Pages for more details. 

Next steps

Using the resources below, set up a tracking page and embed it on your website in minutes.

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