How to Configure SMTP Credentials for Email Notifications

Setting up SMTP credentials enables TrackMage to send emails using your domain.

Follow these easy steps:

1. Log into your account, navigate to Automation, and go to the Emails page.

On the opened page, you'll face a popup stating Please set up your SMTP email sender.

2.  In the popup, you'll find two buttons. Click Set up SMTP to proceed or Cancel to discard the setup. Opting for Set up SMTP opens the Email Settings page, containing sections to set your logo, create a signature, and configure SMTP credentials.

3. To set up SMTP credentials, you have two options:

1). Click Add to enter parameters in a popup for SMTP settings.

2). Choose Manage SMTP Credentials, opening the team's settings page. Under the Credentials tab, select SMTP in the Select entity type dropdown, then click Add.

The SMTP credentials created in any manner will be accessible for utilization throughout the entire team.

4. In the following popup, configure SMTP according to the instructions below based on your email provider. For instance, the Gmail is shown here.  

To find the SMTP setting, please visit the article related to your email provider below:

5. Return to the Email Settings page once you've configured SMTP. Click the SMTP Credentials field and select your credentials in the dropdown. Then, click the Save button to complete the setup.

Now, your clients can receive automated email notifications about their parcel tracking statuses. To activate specific status notifications, visit the Types of Email Notifications article.

Read the How to Set Up Email Notifications article for branding your emails.

If you need help, please don't hesitate to contact us via chat or send a message to

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