How to Enable/Disable the Review Option

Your Tracking page offers a remarkable opportunity to gather customer reviews about their shopping experience as soon as they receive their orders. By enabling the Reviews feature, you allow customers to share their thoughts, enhancing your store's reputation. Customers can leave reviews, rating carrier services, product quality, and packaging quality on a scale from 1 to 5 stars for their delivered orders, along with leaving comments.

The Reviews feature is automatically enabled, but it becomes active only once the parcel's status turns 'Delivered.' This ensures that customers can provide feedback on their actual experience with your products.

This guide will walk you through enabling and disabling the review option on your TrackMage account and how to track and filter customer reviews.

1. Here's how to manage the review feature: First, log in to your TrackMage account. Then, go to the side menu, select Tracking Pages, and click on the Edit icon for the desired tracking page. Find the General tab on the tracking page settings page. To disable reviews, toggle the Reviews button to the left, turning it gray. To enable reviews, toggle the Reviews button to the right, turning it green. Finally, click Save when you're done.

2. You can conveniently track and filter customer reviews using the Review column on the Shipments page. Here's how to do it: Go to Ecommerce -> Shipments on your TrackMage side menu. Scroll the horizontal slider to the right to find the Review column. Click the funnel icon next to Review and input your preferred rating range for filtering (e.g., 1 to 5 stars). You can also use the A-Z  arranging option to determine whether you want to see lower or higher ratings first. The filtering takes place immediately, and you will see reviews that match the selected criteria. Lastly, click on the colored stars to view the Review details.

Congratulations! Now you can effortlessly manage and control the Reviews feature on your Tracking pages.

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