Tracking bulk orders for wholesalers


Let your customers track the shipment status of bulk orders with just one link without stress.

TrackMage provides specific offerings for any business, including retailers, wholesalers, and distributors. Bulk Tracking is a TrackMage feature for tracking multiple packages.

For retail orders where buyers order single units of product, you can easily send your customer a tracking number to track their parcels until it is delivered.

In scenarios where you have to process over 100 wholesale parcels for a customer, you will be frustrated and stressed out if you have to send 100 different tracking links to the same customer. TrackMage is ready to help you simplify your shipments and fulfillment management with our Bulk Tracking for Wholesale Orders feature.

Tracking Page for Wholesale Bulk Orders

The tracking page for wholesale orders is an extension of the regular tracking pages to help manage and track bulk shipments in just one click.

Note: If you are new to TrackMage, check out this article to learn more about Tracking pages.


  • Group multiple shipments that belong to a customer by an order number, email address, company name, or destination address.  

  • Your customers can track the status of a shipment and get real-time updates.

  • Customize your tracking page to contain just enough information about bulk order fulfillment.

  • Manage and send email notifications to your customers.

Create a Tracking Page for Wholesale and Bulk Orders

  1. Login to your Trackmage account. If you don’t have one, create an account in minutes.

  2. On your dashboard, navigate to Tracking Pages and click Create a Tracking Page.

  3. Enter your Tracking page name and sub-domain name. Click on Continue.

Note: You can link your tracking page to your custom domain. Learn more in this article.

  1. Select a pre-designed theme for your tracking page. You can always change the look and style to match your store’s branding with the Visual Builder.

Customize your Tracking Page for Bulk Orders

You should customize the tracking page to match your company’s design and style.

You can try other features to personalize your tracking page to match your brand design. Find out here.

 For bulk orders, you can make some exceptions as to what to include on a tracking page.

Disable Sliders

For bulk orders, you can choose to disable the upsell functionality for your customers. In this case, you can hide some features like the sliders shown in the image below from your tracking page when customizing your landing page.

  1. On your dashboard, navigate to Tracking pages, select the desired wholesale tracking page, and click on Visual Builder.

  2. Click on Sidebar Slider and toggle the Main Content Slider and Sidebar Slider off.

At this point, you should no longer see a slider of items on the tracking page. Your customer will have a better view of their order status.

Configure the Default Grouping Option

Use the SideBar Menu to define the default grouping option that customers will see on the tracking page.

Navigate to Tracking Pages and select the default tracking page. Click Visual Builder

Click the Sidebar Menu > Sidebar field. From the dropdown, select the criteria to group the order. For this demo, we will choose Order Number.


You can pull up bulk orders from Zapier, Woocommerce, and Shopify and integrate with TrackMage to track shipments.

Read more about specific integrations you can add to TrackMage.

How to Group Bulk Orders

To group bulk orders for a single customer into just one tracking link, there must be a connection between the different orders. For example, you can identify all the orders belonging to a customer with the same order number, the customer’s email address, or business name.

  1. Navigate to E-commerce > Shipments.

  2. Filter the grid by selecting the checkbox for the rows that match the criteria.

For example, let’s filter the grid by order number “TM-669874179”  to get orders belonging to a particular customer.

  1. Copy the tracking link. Open the link in a browser and get real-time updates about the shipments.

Get a single tracking link for a customer’s bulk order

You can see the shipment status for each bulk order.

  1. Navigate to Tracking Pages and select your wholesale tracking page.

  2. Select E-commerce > Shipments. On the dashboard, select all links with the topmost checkbox.

  3. Click on Get links. Select the desired tracking page. Click Use Filter from Grid(if you have any). Under Get links, choose the criteria to group from the dropdown.

Select Generate CSV.
You will get a notification when the CSV file is ready to be downloaded. Download the file and Copy the tracking link. Paste it into a browser and get the tracking status of the order.

How to Upload a Shipment CSV file to get one tracking link for a customer with multiple shipments

You can add your order data to TrackMage.

  1. On your dashboard, navigate to E-commerce and select Shipments.

  2.  Click Add new shipment at the right top corner and select the Upload file tab. Import your data as a CSV/XLS file.

Note: In the CSV file, the Order Number or email address column must be the

same for all the orders to ensure consistent grouping. 

This way, you can be certain that all the shipments belong to the same customer because in TrackMage an order can have multiple shipments.


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