How to Set a Tracking Page as Default

A default tracking page is a page that you can access quickly from anywhere in the system. For example, if you want to see the tracking information for an order or shipment, you can click on the "Copy Tracking Page Link" button on the Orders / Shipments page and paste it to the new tab. You can also find this button on the details page for an order or shipment. It's also the first choice for features that let you pick different tracking pages, like getting links in a file or emails triggered by events.

You can have as many tracking pages as needed, each with a different style, theme, language, or tailored to specific needs. Learn how to send emails to different countries in their languages and how to send differently designed tracking pages for various types of products.

When you sign up to TrackMage, a tracking page is automatically created for you, and this tracking page becomes the default tracking page.

Step 1

While on any page of the TrackMage account, click on your workspace title at the top-right corner of the page. From the dropdown, click the gear icon next to your workspace title.

Step 2 

On the General tab, in the Default Tracking Page dropdown, choose the page you want to set as your default tracking page. When you are done, click Save. Then, go to Tracking Pages from the side menu, and you will see the Default icon on the newly set default tracking page.

Step 3

You can verify the applied changes on the Orders or Shipments Grid or its details pages. In our example, it is the Shipments page. Click on the arrow down of the desired shipment and then select Copy Tracking Page Link from the dropdown. Open the link in a browser and check if the tracking page reflects the default page setting. In our case, it should have a specified style and Italian language applied.

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